Raptor R Indo Edition Wild Willies

2023 Custom Ford Raptor R Indo Edition

Scott from Utah, awaiting his 2023 Ford Raptor R, discovered our Wild Willies YouTube channel, and got his truck direct shipped to Akins. 

The customization of the Raptor R was extensive. We elevated the truck with a 2.25” lift and equipped it with 38-inch tires, enhancing its off-road capabilities and appearance. The truck also received custom paintwork, adding a unique aesthetic appeal. We installed ADD bumpers and Baja Designs lighting, enhancing its ruggedness and visibility. Additionally, a Pace Edwards bedcover was added for functionality and style.

Scott and his son’s involvement in the process added a personal touch to the project. They flew in to see the completed truck and embarked on an unforgettable road trip back to Utah with the customized Raptor R.