F-350 Platinum Tremor Covert Edition Wild Willies

2023 Akins Ford F-350 Platinum Tremor Wild Willies Covert Edition

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Nearly a year ago, the Dunlap family from Arizona, avid followers of our videos, reached out to Alan O’Maley at Akins Ford to create their dream truck. Their vision was clear: a robust vehicle capable of adventuring through the Arizona wilderness with their camper in tow. Our team, led by Chad Hamm, was thrilled to take on this project.

We equipped their truck with a 3.5” Carli E-Venture lift kit, which is known for its exceptional performance both on and off-road, similar to the Ford Raptor's capabilities. This lift features an electronic shock package that seamlessly adapts to varying terrains, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride. To complement this, we added 37” Toyo MT tires and 17” Method 704HD wheels, offering unbeatable traction and durability.

But the customization didn't stop there. Our exclusive Covert Edition paint package added a sleek and unique look to their truck, perfectly reflecting the Dunlap family's style. For enhanced off-road utility, we installed rear air bags, Deaver progressive leaf springs, LED rock lights, Baja Designs bumper lights, and a reliable Warn winch, among other features.